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Located on the corner of Old Staples Mill and Hungary Road you'll find a magical place that bubbles over with creativity & imagination. 

Open Sundays

Noon - 5pm

2907 Hungary Road

Entrance is located off



Our Shops - and personal Home - are located in the Laurel Industrial School Historic District. The Home (pictured above) was built in 1895 and was originally used as the Administration Building for the Laurel Industrial School for Boys.  Rumor has it - a tunnel connected the two buildings but when they expanded Hungary Road the entrances were sealed off.  

We've taken two of the existing out buildings - an original shop and former greenhouse - and claimed them as our Boutique. These structures are likely 40-50 years old with all the personality to go with it.  Uneven floors, hard to regulate temperatures and an occasional insect will hunker down and find a home. You know, fun things like that.  I feel it adds a bit of fun to the shopping experience. Here are a few other things worth mentioning:

1)  We are Kitchen Cabinets Painters by day, so we are ONLY Open on Sundays from Noon - 5pm.  A Girls gotta rest sometime. 

2)  The Main Home is NOT open to the Public - sorry ya'll but we live here.

3)  There is a Pet Pig on property behind the white picket fence - please do not feed or pet her. She loves her Mama...I can't say the same for a stranger.

4)   We also have a rescued Goose & 11 Chickens on property. 

5)  The Entrance the Boutique is located in the rear of the property off OLD STAPLES MILL ROAD

6)  There is NO Public Restroom.  Remember, these are very old buildings.  

7)  There is a Rear Parking Lot - in the event our main entrance is full.  Please plan accordingly and wear appropriate shoes as you will walk through grass.

8)  Our Boutique is a shop and a former greenhouse that were built by one of the former occupants. They are roughly 40-50  years old - therefore NOT ADA Compliant.

We look forward to meeting you!

The March Hare Team




Family Owned & Operated





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