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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Do your cabinets need a little love? We'd love the opportunity to bring them back to life. 

We had an awesome experience working with Jamie!! Our new cabinets completely helped to update our kitchen! It’s been 2 months now and the paint is holding up flawlessly to the wear and tear of 2 little boys! Thank you Jamie for doing such a wonderful job!

Would you like a FREE Estimate?

Curious how much we can save you?  Painting your Kitchen Cabinets is a HUGE cost savings with significant less down time than a full reno. 

All Estimate requests are done via email. Simply send photos of your kitchen to:

Due to the volume of estimate requests, we are not able to accommodate in-person estimates. However, based on the condition (not quantity) of your existing cabinetry, we reserve the right to do so.


Jamie did an outstanding job on our kitchen cabinets! She was very professional and did quick work with a very competitive price. Thanks to her, we love our kitchen again!

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of Paint do you use?

Depends on the project. My go to Paint for Kitchen Cabinets is Sherwin Williams Urethane Trim Enamel. However, I reserve the right to switch the paint if I feel there is a better product for your project.


Do I really have to clean out all the contents of my kitchen cabinets and drawers?

Yes, yes you do. Consider this a fantastic time to purge your mug collection and dust that top shelf.


How long are your estimates good for?

All our estimates are valid for 30 days.  This is mainly to adjust for cost of materials. Our actual labor charges increase only once a year, in January.


How do we pay you?

Once you have received our estimate and decided we are the ONLY Team you want touching your cabinets, we will send you a Square Invoice via email.


How long does it take for the paint to dry?

All paints take a full 30 days to cure. It's the nature of the beast. They do however dry to the touch in a few hours, harden within a few days, they will be stronger after a week.


How quickly can you get me in?


This changes slightly during the course of the year but we are generally booked 9 - 10 weeks out. 


How long does the process take?

Starting in May 2021, all kitchen projects will take 7 calendar days from start to finish. This can vary based on weather conditions and dry times.



How much do you charge?

We have a set cost schedule that takes into account a variety of kitchen layouts we have seen over the years.  We give away estimates like they are candy, please request one for YOUR project.


Do your estimates change?

Not unless YOU change the scope of the project or forget to send us a section of cabinetry in that first email. Please make sure we can see the whole kitchen and that everything to be painted is pictured.


Will you help me select a color?

Yes. Once your retainer has been paid you will be scheduled for two dates.  First, a color consult where we will select a color from samples I bring to your home. Second, your project date.


Do you Brush and Roll or Spray?


We do both.  All work completed in your home will be brush and roll.  The door and drawer work will be sprayed in our workshop.


Will you paint our walls?


Yes, but ONLY in connection with a Kitchen Cabinet or Bathroom Vanity Project. We do have limitations: no cathedral ceilings, anything over 10 foot or challenging to reach.